At home Circuit

Morning fellow health nuts! This morning I was a little cranky when I realized even though summer was still well and truly with us, apparently the morning sun was not. I get up every day (okay 6 days a week) at 4am, and half of the motivation behind this is one: obviously to get my workout done and out of the way and two: because the sun is coming up over the hills and its a beautiful sight.

The last two days however have been sorely disappointing when after doing either my weights or circuits I look outside ready to take Shiloh for her walk and its still dark!!

I take my safety very seriously so I will not walk in darkness on my own so I’m having to wait until almost 4:45 – 5am to walk, this to most is not a hard effort but when you are a routine nut like myself then its a pain.

I’m almost scared to say Summer is dissolving  faster than I could hope for. Before I know it, it will be next to zero outside and pitch black until almost 7am and Winter will have taken hold.

But I will stop my rant to show you the workout I did this morning! YAY! I had to workout from home today 😦 but I try not to let this hinder me. So I scour the net or mostly Pinterest and found an awesome at home circuit.



This baby had my working up a sweat! It was go go go and all the jumping really made my heart pump! Best of all, it doesn’t require and gym equipment so there are no excuses.

Afterwards went for a walk with Shiloh and now I’m home and getting ready to start the day with my kids and have a very yummy new breakfast recipe Ive been concocting in my head! Stay tuned!


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