Egg White Banana Pancake


Oh my breakfast was delicious today. Currently Im not able to take of to the gym in the wee hours of the morning because my hubby isnt home so Im having to make do with at home workouts which generally I hate! But today I did a Michelle Bridges toning and cardio 45 minute workout and its now four hours later and my legs are killing me! Im pretty sure that woman made me do over 100o squats.

Aftrwards I felt like pancakes but Im pretty fussy when it comes to flours and sugars so Im thinking that I have to make something thats low calorie, low sugar but high in protein. I came up with this concoction that was so scrummy that it will almost certainly be added in to my regular breakfast routine!


It was so easy! I just whisked up three egg whites in a bowl and added in one mashed banana and a scoop full of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder. Mixed it all together and poured it into a pan sprayed with coconut oil.


Now, the trick is to let it cook on a really low heat – be patient. This is a delicate pancake. I cooked mine about five minutes if not more and when it was almost cooked all the way through I very gently lifted from the edges and fliped!

Just let it cook for another couple of minutes on the other side before serving onto a plate.


I served mine with a heaped spoonful of strawberry Chobani. It was so yummy!! And it filled me right up!

Best yet its high in protein and for this whole recipe that cooked one massive pancake plus the youghrt there is only 258calories!




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