Coffee Blueberry and Pomegranate parfait


WOW! I just found the best breakfast in the whole world! Just the title itself had my mouth salivating.  This is the perfect weekend breakfast to indulge in. The actually recipe calls for bacon and egg whites also, but I’m scrapping those for just the parfait (oh it sounds so posh).

If you cant find or dont have pomegranate – which I do not, just substitute with cranberries. They are just as delicious.


(1) Mix 1tbsp Nescafe instant coffee with 1tbsp water.

(2) Add 1/2 cup nonfat 0% Greek yogurt.

Mix together and add cinnamon.

(3) Then add 1tbsp dark chocolate cacao baking powder and 2 packets Stevia. Mix.

(4) Create your parfait adding layers of blueberries, pomegranate and granola (oats).

Recipe Sourced from fitmencook on Instagram.


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