Well here I was thinking I had done my part for the blogging world on the Saturday when I stumbled across – this site is fantastic!

What it is in a nutshell is a site where you subscribe to receive eco friendly and natural goodies every month at your doorstep in this cute little pre packaged box. Its a sampler box of sorts.  And when you are finished all your samples, if you liked them you hop on to the web page and you can buy any of your products. 

And the things that they are sending out look fantastic!


What’s in each box? 
You will receive a combination of full size, travel size and sample size items including a selection of: 

  • organic food
  • health food
  • superfoods 
  • eco home and lifestyle products
  • natural and organic beauty products
  • natural and organic make up
  • ethical and socially conscious products


And how awesome of a gift idea is this? By mum a subscription that every month turns up on her doorstep?! AWESOME!

I just ordered my first notoxbox that’s due in February and I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!!



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