Skillet grilled Swai Fillet with Raspberry sauce, grilled asparagus.

Its going to be hot today in my neck of the woods and this dish will go down a treat tonight in what I’m hoping will be a much cooler after noon.

To be quite blase, this recipe is self explanatory. We all know how to cook a piece of fish dont we? Well spray up a BBQ or a pan and slap her in, but dont over cook or heaven forbid under-cook!

Throw some asparagus on a grill plate with a drizzle of oil and some salt and pepper – this will only take a couple of minutes but this really depends on how crunchy you want your asparagus!

The only part of the recipe that requires details is the sauce!

#Recipe for sauce: mix 1 tsp BBQ sauce with raspberries. Delicious!

Seasoning on fish was Mrs. Dash and garlic rub – but use what ever you have on hand. Be creative!

Serve up and relax, its the weekend!




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