Home Made Bounty Bars – Oh what a treat!

Yesterday was Australia Day and I just felt like something naughty and delicious.

So I decided to make some home made Bounty Bars that yes, were naughty but made from only good sources of naughtiness!



1 block Lindt Coconut infused Chocolate

1 block Lindt White Chocolate

6 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

Shredded Coconut (enough to make the mixture thick)

Dash Vanilla

1/4 sugar


Melt Chocolate (separately) and place some melted chocolate of either dark or white into small baby patty cases. Just enough to cover the bottoms. Place in frezzer to set for five to ten minutes.

In a bowl mix together the remaining ingredients. Now, you want to add enough coconut so that its not a sloppy mess. Taste the mixture, if its not sweet enough for you – add more sugar.

Drop small amounts of the coconut mixture on top of the chocolate. Top with more melted chocolate and return to freezer to set.

Once set, remove patty cases and keep in fridge. These are soooo good!



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