Archive | February, 2013

Vegan Caramel Sauce

I love caramel Sauce its like my most pure indulgence. But unfortunately very high in the calories and sugar. So what do we do? Uh…easy! Make our own! This little morsel of goodness is made from nothing but fresh dates! If anyone has ever tried a fresh date you will know that by themselves they […]

Choc Banana Protein Pancakes

Even I’m a little chuffed at myself for this breakfast effort this morning. This was amazing and filling after a grudgingly long gym session. I packed these babies full of protein and topped them with the sweet delectable blueberries sauce I concocted. So good!! 🌟Pancakes: 3 egg whites 1 mashed banana One scoop choc whey […]

Turkey Base Pizza

Ok, so I have teamed up with a new Personal Trainer and he is pretty hard core – damn I love it! Anyway he has put me onto a diet where I have to consume some enormous amount of protein per meal. So I’m trying my hardest to think of anything and everything I can […]