Turkey Base Pizza

Ok, so I have teamed up with a new Personal Trainer and he is pretty hard core – damn I love it! Anyway he has put me onto a diet where I have to consume some enormous amount of protein per meal. So I’m trying my hardest to think of anything and everything I can eat that’s got Protein in it.

Of course Turkey is my main light bulb. Its lean and and its low calorie and its right up there in the land of Protein. So I’m thinking pizza and BOOM! TURKEY BASES!!! teehee, I was pretty proud of myself.

So basically all I did was ground up a 170gram Turkey steak in my food processor. Now, I process these myself because anything that’s pre minced is going to be higher in fat and calories. Once I did this I simply add in some garlic and some mixed spices and blitzed it again.  Now, grab that ball of gooey mess and flatten it out into a pizza shape onto a piece of baking paper. This could be cooked in the oven for maybe ten minutes but I did it in my sandwich press by putting another piece of parchment on top of the pizza base and closing the lid. It took about five minutes to cook through and it really flattened it down.

Once it was cooked, I simply went pizza style on it.  Added some pasta sauce, some grilled capsicum, artichokes and mushrooms. Topped it with some spinach and although my trainer would kick my behind for it, I added some cheese.

Popped it in a pre heated oven and TA-DA!

High Protein, Low cal Pizza!



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