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Healthy Home Made Butter Chicken!

  Butter chicken, known for being laden with butters and creams. Not anymore. I scrounged around the internet looking for the combination of spices that was gong to turn my butter chicken into something to write home about. What I ended up putting together was a perfect blend of spices that created a masterful magical […]

Low Calorie Beef Stroganoff!

This recipe is particularly for my sister in law who is on her own weight loss journey and like some of us is missing a lot of the old cream and fat laden pasta dishes from our old eating habits. This recipe is a good version of the old Beef Stroganoff but without the guilt! […]

Low Calorie Potato Pie!

This pie has been in my family for years! Mum would serve it up to us all the time and the flavors are kind of unbelievable.  I love pie, but the store bought ones and just freaking disgusting and beyong bad for our health. I wont even look in that section and personally think they […]

l Well here I was thinking I had done my part for the blogging world on the Saturday when I stumbled across – this site is fantastic! What it is in a nutshell is a site where you subscribe to receive eco friendly and natural goodies every month at your doorstep in this cute […]

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Yummmooo! Another recipe I found in one of my new cookbooks “Now Eat This! Diet” I paleo-fied it and changed it up a bit and the end result was incredible! Thanksgiving is next week (I’m from Canada, ours is in October) so I’m trying out dessert recipes to bring to family…

At home Circuit

Morning fellow health nuts! This morning I was a little cranky when I realized even though summer was still well and truly with us, apparently the morning sun was not. I get up every day (okay 6 days a week) at 4am, and half of the motivation behind this is one: obviously to get my […]