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Mexican Layer Dip

Last night was just one of those nights where turning the oven on was out of the question. It was to hot, I was to busy and I needed something to feed my hungry feral children and the cave man husband who was going to walk through that door at any second. This meal is […]

Summer Chicken with Tomato Salsa

Another morning of working out from home. I know we all have to do what we gotta do to work out but its just not the same. I hate not having all my machines and endless amounts of free weights surrounding me. Instead Im stuck with the very limited 3kg hand weights 😦 So this […]

l Well here I was thinking I had done my part for the blogging world on the Saturday when I stumbled across – this site is fantastic! What it is in a nutshell is a site where you subscribe to receive eco friendly and natural goodies every month at your doorstep in this cute […]

Skillet grilled Swai Fillet with Raspberry sauce, grilled asparagus.

Its going to be hot today in my neck of the woods and this dish will go down a treat tonight in what I’m hoping will be a much cooler after noon. To be quite blase, this recipe is self explanatory. We all know how to cook a piece of fish dont we? Well spray […]

Coffee Blueberry and Pomegranate parfait

WOW! I just found the best breakfast in the whole world! Just the title itself had my mouth salivating.  This is the perfect weekend breakfast to indulge in. The actually recipe calls for bacon and egg whites also, but I’m scrapping those for just the parfait (oh it sounds so posh). If you cant find […]

Originally posted on @dieffs:
Yummmooo! Another recipe I found in one of my new cookbooks “Now Eat This! Diet” I paleo-fied it and changed it up a bit and the end result was incredible! Thanksgiving is next week (I’m from Canada, ours is in October) so I’m trying out dessert recipes to bring to family…

Home made Hot Cross Buns

Have to quickly show you all what I made yesterday for my kids! There are my home made hot cross buns. They were so good! And out of 16 there is only three left – yes, my kids had a feast. Although its hard to believe but these Hot Cross Buns tasted so much better […]

Strength Training At Home

  This is the work out I did this morning followed by some light cardio. I’m  so tired and sore now that Im counting down to the weekend to have my rest day. I know you cant see the picture all that well, but if you click on it you will be taken to Pinterest […]

Low Calorie Turkey Meat Loaf

Good morning everyone! I was very slack last night in uploading my latest dinner creation. More than likely It was becuase I was to busy sitting on my lounge in contentment after my Turkey meatloaf that was almost the best thing I had ever eaten. Funny thing is that I hardly ever use Turkey but […]

Egg White Banana Pancake

   Oh my breakfast was delicious today. Currently Im not able to take of to the gym in the wee hours of the morning because my hubby isnt home so Im having to make do with at home workouts which generally I hate! But today I did a Michelle Bridges toning and cardio 45 minute […]